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WWE Battleground predictions

I don’t know why they decided to added this pay per view, as it really doesn’t look too appealing. It doesn’t even have a theme like so many of their other B-shows, which makes this one very pointless in my opinion, as a lot of the matches are just rematches from the last show.

With what I’ve been given, I don’t know if I can be too creative with my pay per view predictions this time around, but I’ll try my best.

Here are my thoughts and predictions from start to finish…

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam in a hardcore match for the World Heavyweight Championship

van dam

This feud has certainly lost a lot of steam since the last pay per view, but I don’t think it had too much steam to begin with anyway. One thing’s is for sure, and that’s that Van Dam is not nearly as over as he was two months ago, and I think it’s because of the repetitive booking he’s been involved with. I don’t see a title switch happening here, as I think the last pay per view would have been the show to do it. Then again, stranger things have happened, and if they’re going to have heels go over in the other two big matches, I think this may be the match for a babyface to win. This match is RVD’s specialty, so I think we’ll be seeing a lot of innovative spots here. In the end, RVD calls for a chair, so Ricardo plays the role of Fonzy and just passes him what he wants. He then uses the chair to drill Del Rio with a Van Daminator. RVD then sets up for the Van Terminator, as he gets Ricardo to hold the chair in place against Del Rio’s face, but Ricardo has a last minute change of heart and swings the chair to nail Van Dam in midair, as he attempts the high risk move. This even surprises Del Rio, who levels Van Dam with the chair once more and picks up the victory. After the match, Del Rio and Ricardo hug and leave together.

[Josh Mathews is backstage with Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman for an interview]

Mathews: Mr. Heyman, are you at all concerned about CM Punk possibly getting his hands on you tonight?

Heyman: Concerned? Am I concerned? (looks at Axel) where do they find these guys? (back to Josh) Haven’t you been watching what’s been going on in the last several weeks? Not only did I beat CM Punk with both hands tied behind my back at Night of Champions, but Ryback has completely owned CM Punk since he debuted with this company. The man is a machine. Now why would I be concerned for my safety when a man like that stands in front of me? Believe me, the only one who should be concerned is CM Punk, because if someone like me, who isn’t a trained professional wrestler, can beat Punk with both hands tied behind my back, imagine what Ryback can do to CM Punk. But that’s besides the point. We’re not here to talk about Curtis Axel, and how he is going to successfully defend his Intercontinental Championship.

Axel: That’s right. This is my interview!

Heyman: And I have every confidence that my client will be successful in his title defense up next. Now Curtis, I gotta run. But have a good one out there.

[Axel stops Heyman]

Axel: You’re not coming out there?

Heyman: Bubbie, you need to calm down. You got this. I’ll catch up with you later.

[Heyman leaves and Axel looks confused]

Curtis Axel vs. R Truth for the Intercontinental Championship

This match hasn’t been added, but I don’t think they would have aired that segment with R Truth and Brad Maddox on Raw if it wasn’t leading to anything. I don’t see this match going for any great length of time. Truth misses the axe kick and gets caught up in the ropes, allowing Axel to hit his neckbreaker finish for the clean win.

[The Bella twins are walking around backstage, as they walk towards Daniel Bryan]

Nikki: Brie, you are totally winning that title tonight. I have faith in you.

Bryan: And she’s not the only one.

[Bryan kisses Brie, as Nikki wishes Bryan luck in his title match tonight, before leaving]

Bryan: What’s wrong?

Brie: You tell me. I was there on Monday Daniel. I saw what Randy did to you. Are you sure you want to do this?

Bryan: I’ve never been as sure about anything in my entire life. Well, except for the fact that I really want to marry you. I’ve beaten Randy before, and I’m not worried about him tonight; and you shouldn’t be either. But as far your match goes, Nikki’s right, you’ll get that title tonight.

[AJ and Tamina walk in]

AJ: And who is Daniel Bryan to give advice on winning titles? Actually, I’ll correct myself. We all know you can win a title Daniel; you just can’t keep one, can you? I mean you lost your first one in 18 seconds. Oh it’s so typical of a Total Diva to be after my sloppy seconds, but if you think you’re going to take my title like you took my ex-boyfriend, you’re dreaming Brie; (AJ gives Bryan a disgusted look) and probably of somebody better looking.

[Brie gets ready to fight AJ right then and there, but Bryan stops her and steps between them]

Bryan: You know AJ, maybe you’re right that I haven’t been able to keep a title. But at least I can keep a relationship.


Bryan: YES!

[This goes on for a while, before we finally cut away to a video, hyping Triple H's new DVD]

AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella for the Divas Championship


Unless I missed it, I don’t think this match has been added either, but I suspect it might be. As far as I’m concerned, AJ’s been carrying this division since she won the title back in June, so hopefully she’s able to get a good match out of Brie here. I see Brie having the match won, only for AJ’s bodyguard Tamina to pull AJ out of the ring and out of the pinning predicament. Nikki then runs to the other side to take down Tamina. With Brie temporarily distracted, AJ is able to sneak up from behind and lock on the black widow for the submission victory. After the match, Brie and Nikki have a bit of an argument, with Brie kind of blaming Nikki for distracting her.

Ryback vs. CM Punk


I have not been a fan of this feud since it started last month, and to be perfectly honest, I have not been a fan of Ryback’s entire heel run, which is odd to say, because you’d naturally expect a guy who looks like that to be a heel. I do see this feud continuing for at least one more pay per view, so I’m picturing some kind of screwy finish here. Ryback dominates the early part of the match, but Punk starts making his comeback and drills Ryback with a GTS. Ryback then bounces off the ropes and Punk lifts him up for another GTS, but Heyman reaches in and puts Ryback’s foot on the rope to break the pin. Punk then locks eyes with Heyman and chases him around the ring. Heyman tries to escape, but Punk eventually catches him and grabs him by the tie. Just as Punk is about to beat the living hell out of Heyman, Ryback attacks him from behind with a chair for the DQ finish. After the match, Curtis Axel comes in with a pair of handcuffs and they attempt to cuff Punk again, but this time he avoids it and drills Ryback with a roundhouse kick. He then goes after Heyman again, but Axel stops him. Punk then drops Axel with the GTS, as Ryback and Heyman escape and then Punk locks on the anaconda vice and refuses to let go, until security and officials break it up (I figure this could lead to an eventual face turn for Axel, where Heyman and Ryback continue treating him like a chump).

The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust for Rhodes and Goldust to both be rehired


This has been one of the most interesting angles in recent memory. I think everyone involved in this has been great. As good as Cody’s exit promo and match were a few weeks ago, I actually thought Goldust’s match was even better, but that may have also been because I had lower expectations. This should be a fine match, and I would not be shocked if it was actually match of the night. I definitely think Cody is going to be a main event guy by at least WrestleMania. I can picture a double-cross by Dustin on Cody at some point. I don’t think it’ll happen here, although it would make sense. But I think this could be a potential match at WrestleMania, and if that’s the case, they should do the turn as the event gets closer. I can see a false finish where Ambrose sneaks in and takes Goldust down with his front Russian bulldog finish. This leads to a near fall by Rollins. After seeing that Goldust has kicked out, Ambrose tries to sneak back in, which leads to Dolph Ziggler sneaking through the crowd and hitting Ambrose with the zig zag on the floor. Reigns then tries a spear on Goldust, but Goldust sidesteps him, and Reigns runs right into the beautiful disaster kick from Cody, which knocks him backwards, allowing Goldust to schoolboy him for the win (I can see this leading to a big feud between Goldust and Cody, where Goldust keeps saying that he’s the one who saved their jobs, but Cody is still the one getting all the attention, and it turns into a jealousy thing).

[Up next, they air a promo for the next pay per view Hell in a Cell]

[The Miz comes out to the ring for the next segment]

Miz: Ordinarily, I’d come out here all smiles, and I’d be making a few jokes. But tonight is no time to make jokes. I didn’t come here to make jokes; I came here for revenge. With everything that’s happened in the last two months between management and superstars, I can’t say that I’ve been immune to the punishment that’s been dished out by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Actually, I think I may have been getting it the worst. But something happened to me two weeks ago that I just couldn’t let slide. Roll the footage.

[Footage is shown from the MizTV segment, where Miz is knocked out by Big Show]

Miz: Now I might have to take what’s given to me by Triple H and Stephanie, and I might even be forced to like it. But I will be damned if I let some overgrown nuisance think he can get away with punching me square in the face. In case you didn’t get the message Big Show, I’m calling you out!

[Big Show answers the challenge]

Big Show: Miz, this is neither the time nor the place.

Miz: Really? I think it’s the perfect time and the perfect place. You wanted to cheap shot me on Raw two weeks ago, why don’t we settle it like men? Or have you forgotten what it feels like to be a man? Is that it Big Show? Maybe Stephanie has your manhood in her purse, right next to Triple H’s.

[Big Show gets pissed and grabs Miz by the throat, but Miz fights back, as a referee comes out, and we have an impromptu match]

The Big Show vs. The Miz

I can see this match being used as filler on a very light card. Miz fights his heart out, but ends up getting knocked out again, leading to a victory for the Big Show.

[Stephanie McMahon comes out]

Stephanie: Now that’s the Big Show that we all want to see. Bravo! Well done, Show! But you know what? I don’t think he’s quite finished yet. I think these fans deserve their money’s worth. Why don’t you pick him up and give him another one.

[Big Show gets in Stephanie's face and mouths the words 'I'm not doing any more of your dirty work,' before walking past her to go up the ramp, only for Triple H to come out and cut him off]

Triple H: Show, I don’t think Stephanie was asking you a question. Now you get to that ring and you pick up the Miz and you finish him off, or so help me God, you’ll be finished here!

[Big Show then starts crying, as he reluctantly heads back to the ring, with Miz just about to get up. Show then knocks Miz out once more, as Triple H and Stephanie both stand at the top of the ramp and applaud]

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for the vacant WWE Championship


I was positive that a stipulation was going to be added here, but instead, we get basically the same match that we got last month, except there’s no champion. I have no doubt that this will be a strong match, but I can’t see anything other than another screwy finish here, and then they’ll do the clean finish at Hell in a Cell. Halfway through the match, Brie Bella comes down to ringside, as Bryan is in trouble. Orton then keeps positioning Bryan in front of Brie, so she can watch him get punished. Bryan then starts building a comeback. He traps Orton in the No Lock for quite a bit of time, before Orton finally reaches the ropes. There’s a ref bump at some point, as Orton hits Bryan with a low blow. Orton then reaches through the ropes and pulls Brie into the ring by her hair. Bryan then tries for the flying knee, but Orton puts Brie in front of him. Luckily, Bryan is able to put the brakes on just before he leaves his feet. But the momentary distraction allows Orton to hit the RKO out of nowhere for the win (I was originally planning to have Brie turn on Bryan, but I think that should be saved for later on, and I don’t know if it’ll be a real turn. What I mean is that I’m thinking that Triple H and Stephanie will secretly be threatening to fire Brie if she doesn’t turn on Bryan).

There you have it.

Here are my match predictions for Hell in a Cell:

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship – Bryan has to win a three-on-one handicap match against the Shield to earn this opportunity, which he does obviously. I’m thinking this is the show where he gets his big win and then they do a triple threat at Survivor Series with these two and Cena if he’s back, or with Big Show. And either Orton wins the title back or Bryan retains. Either way, one of them is dropping it to Punk at some point.

CM Punk vs. Ryback - If Punk wins, he gets five minutes alone with Heyman in the cell.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Rob Van Dam and a partner of his choosing (Rey Mysterio)

Bray Wyatt vs. Kane in Hell in a Cell

The Shield (Rollins and Reigns) vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler for the US Championship

AJ Lee vs. Natalya for the Divas Championship


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